church of God in Honduras

Honduras Outreach

sunday school classSis. Lela H. moved her class outside under the truck shed for the meeting. She teaches 8 to 12 year olds.
Sis Elida's classWhen the weather is hot, Sis. Elida C. moves her Sunday School class outside to the school sidewalk. She teaches 13 to 16 year olds.
Bro. Michael S. visits with Homer Belcares, Bro. Michael S. visits with Homer Belcares, who recently returned from working in the Cayman Islands.
men visiting on Church of God chapel porch.Bro. Doug W., Bro. Gustave B. and Bro. Jim W., old friends visiting. Lisbeth B. peeking at the camera!
BreakfastWaiting for the others to come... Sis. Carol Addis fixed a big breakfast.
a big breakfastBiscuits, gravy, watermelon and papaya! What a feast.
girls cookingLindsey Wall and LouCinda Zacharias cooked a very good lunch. Great work, great experience!
cooking or cleaning?Bro. Paul F. and Sis. Judy T. are getting ready for some special blessing!
Reynita - the faithful.Reynita F. - the faithful, is always ready and willing to do more than her share.
The glory workersBro. Elon C., Bro. Paul F. and Bro. Odlen B. volunteered to help with the dishes after the big Sunday meal. Bro. Paul said they were working for their glory to come!